Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)


We strive for imperfection.

Yes , you read that correctly! The art of photorealistic CGI is in the little imperfections, realistic lighting, accurate modelling and texturing.

Using the latest computer graphics software, our team of CGI experts specialise in room-set and product rendering.

Computer Generated Imagery is incredibly popular for a number of reasons (scroll down for the advantages). We first started using CGI to reduce the costs of building room-sets. Traditional room-set photography can be a logistical nightmare. Building the room, buying all the props, prep time and taking it all down again after the shoot… This can all be avoided with CGI.





CGI interior room-sets are one of our specialities. Through an intense trial & error process, we now have the skill-set and means to create the most photo-realistic interior shots.





Exterior visualisations of properties and homes can be used in many industries. Our CGI team can create digital 3D models of any structure, which can be used by your Sales team to show to your customers.


1 3D pen.jpg



We can produce product CGI for any manufacturer - whether you want a CGI model to showcase your product before manufacturing it, or if you just want the flexibility 3D models allow you to have.



CGI Overview…

The advantages of CGI

  • Cost-efficiency. CGI is a much more cost-effective and flexible solution. Take the room-set example - rather than building the whole physical room from scratch, we can create a 3D model of it, saving a staggering amount of money and time.

  • Flexibility. CGI can give you an image of your product from any & every angle, rather than having to take lots of different photographs of it.

  • Saves time. Post-production work can be minimised with CGI when compared to traditional photography, which often requires retouching and cut-out versions of products.

  • Helps you visualise. CGI allows you to go into market before actually manufacturing the product. It allows you (and your clients) to visualise a product before it actually exists. This makes it especially easy to convey your idea to your board and get feedback, identifying potential design flaws and saving cost on physical prototyping.

  • It only gets better! The more CGI you use, the more cost-effective it becomes, as you can reuse assets (models) you’ve used in the past.

When a product range has the same geometric features, it would be easier (logistically speaking) to use CGI to replace/change the artwork and render a new image. Picture a can of fizzy drink - as we already have the 3D model, it would be simple for us to wrap your design around the model. Voila, you have your image!

Our dedicated CGI artists strive for imperfection, providing absolute photo-realism like you’ve never seen before. We challenge you to tell the difference.