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Creative Studio

We keep moving forward, opening up new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious.
— Walt Disney

Inspiring ideas and pushing boundaries

Curiosity gives us direction, pushing the boundaries of our creativity and exploring new ideas. However, it is our passion that drives us. Our desire to listen and learn informs everything that we do; it feeds our momentum and gives power to our imagination.

When you come to WK360 looking for creative work, you’ll be met by an enthusiastic and dynamic team of creative thinkers who are driven to explore your brand or products and bring out their potential in new and exciting ways. To them, a creative brief is not a form that needs to be filled out, it is a set of objectives that need to be discussed, and often dismantled, to explore and exploit every creative opportunity.

From worldly design veterans with years of experience to fresh-off-the-press university graduates, our collection of creative professionals know their work and how to deliver exciting possibilities that bring out the potential of your product or explore the scope of your brand and image. Sometimes bold and brave, sometimes subtle and sophisticated, the creative work we produce has had national and international impact, satisfying clients around the world for the last 20+ years.

From exciting rebrand or product launch, to informative campaign or brochure revitalisation, let WK360 help you realise your potential, as our design creatives read between the lines to conceptualise, illustrate and give voice to the narrative that you’ve been searching for. Good agencies produce good work, then talk clients through their presentation. Great agencies talk, then produce great work that speaks for itself.

Our creative team works to unlock the potential in your products, giving your brand the edge.


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