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Digital Studio

I don’t think there’s a boundary between digital media and print media. Every magazine is doing an online version.
— Bill Gates

Product selling, app development, web design, web audits and banner advertising

Digital marketing is a vast subject for exploration, and one that is changing and will continue to change incredibly fast. No sooner have the markets embraced and adopted a new channel for marketing than the digital landscape changes, new fads take hold, and you find yourself outdated. At WK360 we take a breath and focus our efforts on what works for selling product, but we also try to push the boundaries a little for clients who want to get the edge on their competitors. We know how to navigate the notoriously tricky and slightly murky waters of digital marketing and can steer you right to find the solutions that suit you, your product and, most importantly, your customers.

The bread and butter of digital development remains the humble website, and having a comprehensive, function and relevant website is the bedrock for creating a strong digital presence for your brand. We develop and maintain websites for global companies, building sites designed to sell hundreds of products in many languages across the globe. We've also developed tools to improve and measure how our clients’ websites perform against their competitors, and using our own consultation service we advise how they can achieve better results and rankings, and once attained, remain at number one.

We can create static and animated banner adverts too, in all formats and sizes, in the blink of an eye to give our clients the edge in being able to get a message out there in lightning quick time. We have also developed phone applications to connect consumers directly from print to purchase on a website and manage procurement requests for one of the largest construction firms in the country.

We’re constantly working to explore the realms of digital marketing, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in order to offer the best range of services to our clients. If you are looking for the edge in digital strategy or have any development requirements, our team is always on hand to talk.

Our digital offering is focused on selling product, giving leading brands the edge. 


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