Innovation is at the core of our Digital and Technology team.

We provide engagement through mobile apps, digital publications and augmented reality, Marketing Intelligence through short URLs, QR code link software and web audit tools, and improved workflows through a range of online tools designed to help make our clients’ lives easier.





Intelligence is a crucial part of creating and delivering the most effective digital content.

We recognise this and have developed tools, coupled with our knowledge and insight to map out an approach that works for you and develop (or help you to develop) an appropriate marketing and content strategy.


The strategies we create consist of only the services your business needs to reach its potential.


We’ll perform audits on your web/mobile application, looking at construction, user experience and flow, analysing the way your site performs in search engines and paid advertising against your competitors.

From the information gathered we can outline precisely where to develop and improve, and the areas to capitalise on. Whether our findings indicate that your business needs a new website to improve conversions, or that social media, SEO and PPC campaigns are the best route to an increase in leads, we’ll do whatever’s necessary to give your business the edge!




Customer engagement is the key to success…

Engaging with your audience and having them engage back with your content is the best way to retain a loyal customer-base.


Whether creating content for existing platforms or developing bespoke web and mobile applications, our services are centred around crafting impactful content and delivery methods that promote your brand, your services and your values in a way that resonates best with your target audience.


From augmented reality to developing mobile and web applications, WK360 can provide a hugely diverse range of engagement services.




We strive to identify new ways to make our customers lives easier, production lines smoother and take costs out of processes.

We do this by working with proprietary software and developing our own online tools. These include:

  • a bespoke online briefing tool, that can be customised to a clients specific requirements.

  • project management and approval - for artwork and video approval.

  • automated workflow that remove manual task freeing up designers, artworkers and editors, saving our studio and clients studios thousands of hours a year.

  • a banner and ad automation tool enables us to create static and interactive, responsive content for websites, social and ad syndication services in moments.



WK360’s Digital & Technology Services: