John Davis

CGI and Physical Packaging Mock-ups

John Davis
CGI and Physical Packaging Mock-ups

One of our specialities over the past few years has been CGI mock-up product packaging.

Here at WK360, we’ve perfected the process of generating CGI packaging visuals in the easiest and most convenient way imaginable.

Our 3D models give life to a product that may even not yet exist! These models allow your consumers to see your new product from every angle. As well as rotation, they can zoom in, they can choose different colours… They can see exactly how it works.

Pure, realistic quality

As experts in the field, we have explored every avenue in which to create our packaging mock-ups.

Our CGI mock-up packaging is of an incredibly high resolution – this means that it is also incredibly versatile. They can be used in print, in eCommerce, or as animated videos – however you choose to use them, they will totally amaze your audience during your next presentation.

In fact, the CGI software we use to create our photorealistic 3D packs is the same software used by major film studios today. These aren’t your average computer generated mock-ups – this is absolutely as real as can be (for something that doesn’t yet exist!).

WD-40 mock-up packaging.jpg

The advantages

CGI or physical packaging mock-ups have a wide variety of uses. They can be used for client meetings. They can be brought to trade-fairs. They also can be used as an example when pitching your product to a manufacturer.

It is hugely beneficial to have a 3D model of your packaging before you actually make it – toy manufacturers we have previously worked with would get us to create mock-ups of packaging for a new toy concept they’ve had – they would then show their selected retailers the mock-up, and only actually begin commercially manufacturing once they got the green light from them.

Packaging mock-ups can also be used to pre-empt website purchases. If the product hasn’t yet been finished, our CGI mock-ups can be published on your website regardless – this is hugely beneficial for any product launch. (Added bonus: This allows for any of your consumers to pre-order the products!)

 We created this CGI mock-up with one priority in mind - photo-realism

We created this CGI mock-up with one priority in mind - photo-realism

The process

CGI packaging mock-ups can be creating in no time at all – using our state-of-the-art CGI software, we can create still shots and videos from anything. Whether you’re looking for something simple or complex, we have the capacity to create packaging and finishes for all types of product.

Depending on what stage you are in the manufacturing process, our creative team would use the packaging labels/artwork you provide us – or, alternatively, as long as you provide them with a detailed brief, we could simply give them the complete creative freedom to do what they do best!

Physical packaging mock-ups

So, we’ve made a 3D mock-up of your product. The file is there and you’ve uploaded it to your website. Now, why not take it one step further?

Our print team have years of experience, and, with access to modern tech, are now able to create even more unusual finishes on the packs – for example, gold, silver, and holographic finishes can now be printed easily on the packs. We have the equipment to decorate cardboard, bottles, and tubes as required. With all of our creative minds under one roof, our versatility and efficiency are our selling points.

 Here, we designed the brand name and the physical packs - as well as providing the mock-ups

Here, we designed the brand name and the physical packs - as well as providing the mock-ups

Unlike most eCommerce and media agencies, we can complete everything you need through our own in-house team. Whether it’s a CGI or a physical mock-up you need, we are pushing the boundaries of both routes so we can deliver the absolute best results.

Real reflections, liquid, pack textures and more can be created to give your product the best possible launch into the market. With WK360, you can have the very best without paying more than you currently are.

When it comes to quality, we never compromise.

Got an idea? Let us bring it to life! ~

Written by John Davis