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Our Story

What you end up doing is you try to match your guy’s strength against a place they can be successful. They’re doing the same thing against us. Sometimes they have the edge, sometimes you have the edge.
— Tony La Russa, American baseball player

Past, present and future...

WK360 started way back in 1979 as a humble print and reprographics company. Back then the print procedure was very different than today. Almost unrecognisable, in fact, since the advent of computers and digital artwork files. To make it from that point to this, we had to adapt and evolve numerous times in order to stay relevant and keep ahead of our competition. It’s what we do best as a company; adapting and changing our offering to meet the latest developments in technology in order to present the best services to our clients. It’s how we’ve survived for the last 38 years, and how we continue to work as the future unfolds and exciting new developments take shape.

As you can imagine with a company that has nearly 40 years of history, there are too many stories to tell. Some of our greatest collaborations/adventures include...

  • working with British Airways in the 1980s, when we produced all of their holiday brochures
  • supporting Action Man in 1991, when they became the number one selling toy
  • our surprising involvement in South Africa in 1994, when Mandela became President
  • working with easyJet in 1996, when they flew for the first time and earned their place as the top low cost airline
  • teaming up with M&S in 1999, when we created “Food to Go” and made them the number one sandwich outlet
  • working alongside Mothercare in 2005 to keep them the number one maternity retailer
  • our work with Nestle in 2008 which helped them stay up as the number one breakfast cereal company
  • collaborating with with Dunelm in 2011, when we produced their first print catalogue to huge success
  • working with Honeywell in 2016, the number one supplier to the DIY markets

It’s been an interesting and exciting journey so far, and we’re excited to see where the future will take us. Our passion and skills have helped all these brands and more, giving them the edge over their competitors, and helping them to be market leaders with success stories of their own. If you have pride in your brand, we can help give you the edge too. Come and talk to us to find out more.