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Post Production Studio

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.
— Vince Lombardi

Product-enhancing creative and colour retouching...

Post production is the refining process, the way to get each product to look just the way you want it, enhancing the detail where you need it and reproducing accurate colours whilst staying true to the atmosphere and environment of the shot.

For WK360 it is all about being creative with our retouching and seriously accurate with our colour. We're well practised – we first started perfecting the way colour was reproduced in print in 1979, just a few years after the last moon landing! We work in the most colour critical markets of fashion and homewares, markets that demand extremely high standards.  

With an increased demand on content for web, post production services are more important than ever. Maintaining a consistency of colour across your imagery is crucial to avoid barriers to purchase and every pound spent on image consistency will return itself multiplied in increased sales and reduced returns. 

We can refresh old imagery to make it look like new, giving you more online content for less. We can change the colour of clothing , add patterns to fabrics on sofas, and seamlessly replace old products with new in existing shots – avoiding expensive re-shoot costs. 

Creative post production can create a new reality through photo-realistic retouching, and reveal the truth of your products through skilled enhancements and colour corrections. This is the art of Post Production, and the secret to giving you the edge.

Our post production team unlocks barriers to purchase, reduces product returns and saves on production costs.


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