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Production Studio

The Japanese have a wonderful sense of design and a refinement in their art. They try to produce beautiful paintings with the minimum number of strokes.
— David Rockefeller

Design, Artwork and Project Management

We are famous for the quality of our artwork production. That quality is earned through practice; we design, artwork and repro over 50,000 artworks per year, many of which are catalogue pages with print runs of over 1 million. With quantities like that, we have to be absolutely brilliant at it.

We have a dedicated team of technical artworkers, creative artworkers and professional repro staff who all bring their own particular set of skills and expertise to any project, taking your ideas and bringing them to life in print, on the page or on screen. Working independently, or building on concepts established by our creative design team, they will produce work that is both technically sound as well as creatively refreshing. This is due to a culture of artworking best practice throughout the studio; we keep standards at the highest level to avoid any technical hiccups when it comes time to print.   

Aside from personal investment in best practices, we support our creative teams with innovative technology like automated PDF workflows, digital asset management (DAM) and online approval tools. These not only make our clients' lives easier but also cut out time-heavy administrative tasks, allowing our team more time to focus on being creative and less on manual processes.

Quality control is paramount at WK360. Our eagle-eyed readers check every artwork through the course of the project, and again before it is released, in order to catch any spelling or grammatical errors, and our online proofing system gives you the chance to check content at every stage of development too.

All this is overseen by our highly experienced project managers. They know our business and processes inside out and will keep you informed through the life of the project, advising on budgetary and critical path changes, and giving opinions and insight into creative choices as the project progresses.

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