360DAM (Digital Asset Management)


Stay organised, save time, save money with 360DAM.

WK360 has been handling imagery and marketing assets since the mid ‘90s and we work with some of the world’s biggest brands, providing a uniquely flexible solution to asset management storage which can be programmed to suit the individual needs of each client.



Image Asset Management


Image management is a key function of the 360DAM. We maintain your image asset library and organise it in a folder structure that suits you.

Adding metadata to the images makes search and retrieval easy and incredibly fast. We can add asset timers that allow you to stop images being used before a certain date or add watermarks, giving you more control over your assets.

Images can then be served to whoever you give access to through a secure log in, giving you the ultimate control in distribution and use, without wasting precious management time.



Artwork Asset Management


For multinational clients we supply artworks all over the world for general marketing material and packaging.

For packaging brands, our DAM will keep assets organised and available to individual territories, allowing them to create their own local promotions and providing a sign off procedure back at global headquarters. This keeps the sign off and compliance process organised and saves a huge amount of time and money transferring files by email.

For general marketing material, we hold master templates and finished material on the DAM, and keep it organised and available to anyone you choose. This is ideal for companies who use multiple agencies, or agencies in different parts of the world, where their brand needs to stay consistent but also have the flexibility to allow markets to work on assets for themselves.



Shoot Asset Management


Photographic shoots can create a huge number of images that need to be reviewed and selected for further post production work. At WK360 we have created a system that allows our clients’ photographers to upload their images to a selection area. The client can then select the images, annotate any work they need carrying out, and the system will direct the image to our Post Production and Retouching team, where the required work will be done.

Once complete, the images are made available in the 360DAM, and organised into a folder structure where they can be searched for with powerful search tools.

This saves a huge amount of time for clients, who can work on the system wherever they are. It saves file transfer time between different suppliers and, because of our back up system, the images are safely stored and backed up on secure raids for every eventuality.