Moving Stills (360° Spin Sets)


Engagement online is a key area of concern for most of our clients and nothing keeps people on a web page more than being able to interact with a product.

With moving imagery becoming more common than ever online, we decided to invest in equipment allowing us to shoot 360° photography.


Time is precious in today’s fast-paced world, so consumers can’t afford to give websites much of theirs. 360° photography is proven to extend user dwell-time on a site, as it lets them see your product exactly as it is. This transparency works wonders with both new and returning customers.

Our 360° photography can be as simple as a spin set, where your customer can mouse over a product and move it to look around the whole thing - or we can now add animation to show off special product features.

We have applied this new technique to all kinds of products - we can show storage options for beds, side pockets and attachments of luggage, and even packaging features like the new WD-40 Smart Straw.


Our 360° photography is generally in GIF format, and allows you to showcase your product from every angle. It also gives you the option to show how your product works, or if there are any attachments.

As well as 360° photography, we can also provide a CGI option that does the same thing but, of course, offers the flexibility to use the CGI product for more content - such as dropping into room-sets, cutouts or creative shots.

360° photography is one of many niche services we provide, but one that any company who has a product to sell could benefit from.