App Development


We work alongside creative agencies and directly with clients to provide bespoke mobile applications for consumers and businesses.



Consumer Apps

Shopping in the blink of an eye. Blink, the app that enables you to shop directly from a printed catalogue with your mobile.

We developed this technology using image recognition and linking to a retailers websites. The app allows their customers to scan a product or page in a catalogue with their smart phone, then cleverly delivers them directly to the product on the website, allowing them to build up their basket and purchase.

ARKit applications as part of the consumer shopping journey.

Our Catalogue and CGI teams have worked together with our Development team to create an app that allows 3D virtual representations of products to be seen using a tablet or mobile in location within a room. This is incredibly effective for finalising large-scale purchases such as furniture, when a customer wants to see what your product looks like in situ before committing to a purchase for instance.  Simply scan the area you want to place the item, select the product from an online catalogue, and then lock it into position. You can then walk around the space and see the item from every angle.

This is also extremely useful for sales teams, businesses, and even FMCG companies who want to demonstrate what their product might look like in a customer’s store or office.



Applications for business

360 Procurement - the procurement app that is saving purchasing departments millions of pounds.

Our purchasing team application allows large purchasing departments in the construction industry to save their site managers hours of wasted time, and purchasing departments millions of wasted pounds, by providing their onsite teams with up-to-date information on where they can get the best deals on stock in their location. Surplus stock can be listed for pick-up by other sites and plant machinery off-hired at the push of a button.

360 Training - the sales training and performance application that helps to boost the performance of your sales team.

Our Training app delivers your training programs through an app so your team can gain product knowledge and share sales tactics, while your management team measure performance and develop their team. The app is ideal for any company who has sales teams working remotely, and delivers measurable performance benefits.

Your next mobile application project

Our developers are as confident working on new bespoke applications as they are working on our existing solutions, so if you have a problem that you think can be solved with a mobile app, give us a call for a free feasibility discussion, and we’ll let you know if an app solution is right for you.

Our  Augmented Reality  app for newsagents could be used in plenty of other industries.

Our Augmented Reality app for newsagents could be used in plenty of other industries.



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