Augmented Reality


Our new state-of-the-art Augmented Reality software has an astoundingly diverse variety of applications.


Our App Development team has been working with our 3D Visualisers to create a pioneering mobile app that incorporates AR to make your business more efficient and your content more engaging. This is fluid and flexible, and can be used in plenty more industries than just the ones listed below.


3D models created by our CGI team could be overlaid onto real world target images. This could be used on books or educational materials , for example, a children’s dinosaur book where one page depicts a T. Rex stalking its prey. Our app would scan the image, recognise the T. Rex, and then place a live 3D model of one over the page. This method could also be used on marketing materials, so posters could come to life and show promotional videos, or have the characters appear to jump out of the image.


Visitors to museums using our software could use our app to recognise exhibitions and overlay extra information in the form of video, text panels, content from similar exhibits, etc., creating a more fluid and immersive experience.

Estate Agents

Property buyers could use our app to map out a property or room and view it from their device, enabling them to walk around the space remotely and work out where they could put furniture, create living spaces and other logistical issues that would otherwise take up an Estate Agent’s time by facilitating multiple viewings.

Another of our apps also allows Estate Agents to map out a property or room, so buyers can recreate it virtually, walk around inside and even place furniture to see how it would fit.


Using our AR Product Catalogue, realistic full-size 3D models can be placed alongside real world objects enabling the user to view items in their own space before purchasing. This is currently popular in the home/furniture industry, but can be applied to almost anything.


Our AR tool gives businesses more options to engage with their customers. It’s a fun, memorable and pioneering tool that will give your brand The Edge.