Banner & Ad Automation


Banner Advertisement creation can be a time-consuming process. Once you have designed the advert, you need to convert the design into over 60 different formats for all of your advertising platforms. This is normally done with an in-house Artworking team and can take over a day to complete.

With our workflow, once we have the design, we can convert it into 60+ different formats automatically and deliver them to your partners straight away, saving a huge amount of time and allowing you to be far more reactive in your ad creation and distribution.


WK360 will take your banner ad and all its assets - fonts, background colour, imagery, formatting and anything else used to create the ad - and upload them into our Banner & Ad Automation software. This then generates different versions of your banner ad to suit different media platforms, for example Facebook, your own website, or ad banners for external sites. We currently have 63 different template sizes, and would be able to create any number of versions for you in an instant.

The ads we create are also incredibly reactive. If you want to make a slight change in your marketing campaign, you wouldn’t have to create an entirely new suite of banner ads or edit all of your previous ones. Instead, we can make a single change to one of them and the rest will automatically update too.

This technology can save your business a huge amount of time and money, allowing your Creative/Artwork teams to focus on more important things.