Brochure Design


WK360’s Design team specialises in both brochure and catalogue design. Suitable for online and print, our designs lead to awe-inspiring content that communicates in a clear and on-brand way.

We work with a diverse bunch - global brands who communicate across language barriers; retail brands who excite consumers; business-to-business brands who get across their USP.

Through collaboration with design agencies directly or through brand guidelines, we design content that communicates in a clear and effective way.


Great brochure design is all about communicating simply and clearly to the right audience, with the right message. Our brochures are physical proof of our now perfected skills in this sector.



Brochure Production


Although brochures and catalogues share the same media (paper), there is a difference in the science of their production.

Brochures are often aspirational and informative, whereas catalogues are designed to sell directly off the page. How customers browse each determines what kind of page layout is used - and our specialists understand this key difference.


Image content and the copy itself are also key to both mediums, and we have a powerful image content facility that uses Photography, CGI and Creative Retouching to produce the most impactful imagery. Our in-house Copywriters are adept at providing brand consistency through both inspirational and selling copy as required by the project.

We produce some the most iconic top brand brochures and some of the most effective business-to-business publications in the UK and beyond.



Digital Brochures


Digital brochures take printed brochures to the next level. At WK360, we are able to deliver engaging content through mobile and web, allowing customers to browse on the go.

The use of digital brochures is becoming more and more common, especially by Sales teams in B2B companies. We use our knowledge of paper-based brochures and enhance them with video content, motion graphics and audio to create incredibly engaging digital brochures that can reach customers wherever they are. 


Websites can often turn into a generic experience with the chief purpose of encouraging customers to browse at the product level. Unlike websites, digital brochures aim to inspire customers through rich content in a more immediate and accessible fashion, and lead them to the products in a way that suits them.

WK360 will hold your hand and help you make the right choice between paper or digital... or both. We will lead you through the transition process, making you aware of the opportunities that will present themselves. We’ll provide you with the design and the content you need to get the best from both.

Digital brochures bridge the gap between print and online, and we can help you make the right choice as to which of our methods is right for you.