Catalogue Design


Our catalogue design work is unrivalled. Thanks to our 40 years of experience, we design and create catalogues for both online and print. We can create awe-inspiring content for your brand, and we always follow the brief from start to finish to create a clear and on-brand form of communication.

Companies of all shapes and sizes come to WK360 for our design skills. We communicate across language barriers for global brands, invigorate consumers for retail brands, and get business-to-business brands’ USPs to flourish.

We collaborate with branding agencies or we can do it ourselves - either way, we’ll design your content to communicate as effectively and powerfully as possible.


Here at WK360, we think design is all about communicating simply and clearly, to the right audience, with the right message. Our catalogues are physical proof of our now perfected skills in this sector.



Catalogue Production


Although catalogues and brochures share the same unlikely medium in the modern digital world (pages!), there is a difference in the science of producing each.

Catalogues are designed to sell directly off the page, whereas brochures are often aspirational and informative. How customers browse each, determines what kind of page layout is used - and our artworkers and designers understand this important distinction.


Image content and the copy itself are also key to both mediums, and we have a powerful image content facility that uses Photography, CGI and Creative Retouching to produce the most impactful imagery. Our in-house Copywriters are adept at providing brand consistency, inspirational and selling copy as required by the project.

We produce some the most iconic top brand retail catalogues and some of the most effective business-to-business publications in the UK and beyond.



Catalogue Repro


Most catalogues and brochures are printed using three main processes, Web, Gravure and Sheetfed.

Here at WK360 we understand the nuances of each process, so your publication will always be produced to the highest standard.


Our Image Team retouch using RGB so that every image can be reproduced to the highest quality online. We then use our specialist technology to create page files for each printing process, with the paper stock simulated on proofs and the various technicalities taken care of (such as minimum dots and under colour removal). This is part of the process, all so you can achieve delicate colours and textures even when printing Gravure and strong dense colours when printing Web or Sheetfed.

Our hard copy proofs are used extensively all over the UK, Europe and the US where we regularly visit the printing sites. This way we ensure that the printers understand what is important to our client’s final result.


We produce some of the most colour critical catalogues and brochures for the homewares market and fashion market, where colour reproduction is of the utmost importance when aiming to reduce product returns, as well as giving our clients’ customers the confidence to choose the right colour product for themselves and their homes.