Creative Retouching


Creative retouching is the art of changing an image so seamlessly that the human eye cannot detect the change at all. The difference can be a subtle adjustment or a dramatic transformation from the original image - but the result should look as natural as if it had always existed.

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Lands End_Image 1 After 1.jpg
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Creative Retouching for fashion

At WK360 we understand creative retouching, and have 40 years of experience that dates back to the days of etching on film. In today’s content-hungry world of online shopping, we spend more time perfecting imagery than ever, and as a result have developed some extremely useful techniques. For instance, in fashion, where flesh tones and backgrounds can be just as important as the product itself. Often the colour of the background, depth of the shadows, and tones perfected to just the right levels will highlight a product to such an extent that it will positively affect sales. Even something like replacing patterned garments on model shots can increase the sales of poorly performing products - while simultaneously saving money on reshooting.

Nothing sells clothes better than model shots, but sometimes you can’t show all your colour and fabric options on models. If you find some end of season clothing that isn’t performing as well as you would like, come and talk to us and maybe we can help you turn it into a best-seller!

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Creative Retouching for environment product


Our Creative Retouchers have put new textures onto existing kitchen units, replaced floors, added new wall coverings, transformed products and turned winter into summer - and back again.

Room-set and location shoots are some of the most expensive shoots you can invest in, but get it right and you can sell a huge amount of product from it.

At WK360, we can extend the life of your shots by retouching in new product, changing the decoration in the room, and even changing the seasons. Adding a touch of snow through the glass of a window, muting the lighting, and adding the warm glow of a real fire can completely transform the mood and time-frame of an image, and we do it all seamlessly.

We have changed stone floors to wood, wooden work tops to granite, and altered kitchen units to replace every appliance displayed in them.

There’s seldom a challenge we’ve not been able to meet, and now with the addition of CGI Modelers and Texturers to our team, the possibilities are literally endless. With CGI and retouching combined, we can reproduce any product and place it into the shot at just the right angle.

At WK360 we are always ahead of the curve in creative retouching for product and fashion, so why not give us a call and see how we can freshen up your imagery without breaking the bank on new shoots.