CGI (Digital Composite Shots)


A Digital Composite Shot is, simply put, an image comprised of both photography and CGI.

Combining CGI with traditional photography can be a great compromise between the two visual mediums. Photography can capture realism perfectly, whereas CGI can alter textures, create layers and add products that were not available at the time of shooting.

Our experts are skilled in combining the two disciplines, giving you the best of both worlds, and easily satisfying your budget or time-restraints.

Altro flooring all 3.png

The images above are all the same. After the original (left) photograph was shot, we replaced the floor in each of the other pictures to showcase the products of a major flooring company we work with. You can find the original, full-sized images on our Instagram page to see the astounding attention to detail from our CGI experts.

Below are some other examples of our digital composite shots. A client of ours specialises in high-end interior décor, and we combined photography and CGI in the most compelling way we could. These final shots are neat, appealing to their audience, and most importantly, completely photorealistic. It's perfect for e-commerce as well as print, and you can adjust/re-use them with ease.

Kartell collection.png

At WK360, our in-house photographers work hand-in-hand with our CGI specialists, combining both of their disciplines to provide entirely photorealistic imagery.

Our creative team have the industry-knowledge and artistic insights to create perfect imagery for any marketing campaign/situation.

We provide creative solutions - and, whether you have products yet to be manufactured, a limited budget or deadline, or have a particularly difficult concept, we’ll be able to succeed in one thing: giving your brand the edge.