CGI (Flooring)


CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery, is much sleeker and subtler than it was a few years ago. With new, advanced software and expert minds using it, CGI imagery has become photorealistic to the point where only a specially trained eye could notice any difference between it and a normal photo.

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At WK360, we use this technology to create quality Flooring CGI imagery. We begin by creating a 3D model of the room, then adding texture to the walls, flooring, and all the products that might sit inside it. This means you can show off as many of your products as you like in the room-set. We can fill up the room with rendered 3D models of anything your company manufactures or sells.

Once new flooring has been installed, it becomes near impossible to photograph because as soon as it’s done, feet start walking all over it. This is another reason why CGI Flooring would be a perfect solution.

The best part is, once we’re done with the imagery (even long after), you’ll still have access to the 3D models of your room and products. It would take mere minutes to open up the files, make some adjustments, and end up with a completely different image using the same models of your products.

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For long-term cost-efficiency, come to us and get a quote for Flooring CGI work on your next project - our 3D flooring will keep you steps ahead of your competitors.