Photography (Lifestyle)


Capturing lifestyle photography that works is no easy task, but we’ve got the experience necessary to bring you the best creative ideas and see your visions through to reality.


Our Designers will initially help you decide what is best for your business - what feel you need your images to portray, which props to use and what kind of location would work best. They then produce a series of scamps to storyboard your shoot, giving you an idea of how the final image suite will look. During the production period, we’ll take as many shots as you need (especially crucial when working with children and animals!) and find the best ones for you before releasing them to our Post-Production studio for retouching.

GEN_Lifestyle_Gunpowder Mills shoot 211.jpg

Essentially, what we’re doing is creating aspiration. Lifestyle photography has also been called ‘the art of the everyday’, meaning its purpose is to capture the day-to-day life of someone who would inspire your audience.

In the beauty industry for example, lifestyle photography is pretty much a necessity. Your customers need to be shown clearly why they need what you’re offering, whether that’s by portraying a model using your products, through creative use of props and environments, or simply showing your range on a beauty salon counter.

Truefitt & Hill lifestyle.jpg

We’ve provided lifestyle imagery for countless companies in the beauty, home, electronic & professional trade industries. Get in touch with one of our team and we’ll put your product in its best environment.