Packaging Design


Our creative team have been designing packaging since the early ‘90s working in the toy and games market with brands such as Action Man and Playdoh. Since then we have designed food packaging for supermarket chains, breakfast cereal packs, own brand electrical packaging, branded home maintenance and the skin care and beauty markets.

We create packaging that adds value to the product, stands out on a crowded shelf, and communicates across language barriers.

Packaging design is an art form and our passion, and we work with cardboard engineers to create new out-of-the-box experiences or to design innovative ways of packaging food and other products.




Packaging artwork production requires a mix of technical expertise, an ability to maintain the original concept and to work to brand guidelines as well as employing an incredible eye for detail.

At WK360 we work to streamline the process wherever we can by implementing our own technology that removes manual processes, ensures compliance and manages the project to make our clients’ lives easier and speed of delivery faster.

We work with a mixture of large and small brands but we apply the same principles no matter what the project. We deliver packaging on a global scale that works across language barriers or niche packaging for sectors such as high end perfume brands.

Our briefing, online approval and project management tools help both ourselves and our clients manage the most complex of projects in the most efficient way. We pride ourselves on our eye for detail and our service with an account team blessed with a lifetime of experience in packaging production management.

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Packaging Repro


Packaging file production is a technically challenging process. Whether it is producing brand colours that look consistent across many different processes and substrates, providing the widest colour range by using the least number of colours to cut print production costs or ensuring that whatever the print process your packaging will look fantastic when it is printed.

Our proofing systems use the latest colour management software to create proofs that will simulate special colours and many substrates, giving you a clear vision of how your pack will look when printed.

We work with printers all over the globe to maintain colour consistency even when manufacturing packaging for the same brand in different countries.



Packaging Mock-ups


Many FMCG companies need to get their products to market early, and start advertising them early too. At WK360, we use the latest technology and techniques to create lifelike mock-ups for both simple and complex packaging and finishes. As experts in the industry, we love pushing the boundaries of both CGI and physical packaging mock-ups, for example, we are now able to create gold, silver, holographic and other unusual finishes on packs - decorating cardboard, bottles and tubes as required through our own in-house team.

We offer a pack render workflow that allows us to generate the render, place it into an approval workflow and deliver it neatly into a DAM that has the render ready to deliver to Brand Bank, your PR company or your Sales Team.


We also offer photorealistic CGI 3D packs. This isn’t your normal computer generated mock-up - this is as real as you can get, using the latest animation software that is used by film studios.

The art of photorealistic CGI is in the little imperfections - realistic lighting, modelling and accurate texturing. With an expert in-house 3D Modelling team, we focus on realism above anything else.


When it comes to quality, we never compromise. Our team of creative specialists will give the edge to products that don't even exist yet - helping brands all the way from concept to creation. Real reflections, liquid, pack textures and more can be created to give your product the best possible launch into the market. With WK360, you can have the very best, without breaking the budget.