Photography (Product)


Our Photography Studio is a state-of-the-art, 4,000 sq ft space fitted with its own kitchen, bathroom, storage area and lounge. Our camera equipment is of the latest spec, notably the 100-megapixel medium format cameras we use for Product Photography.


Product Photography is our Image Studio’s bread and butter work. Our extensive portfolio ranges from teabags to handbags; beauty cream bottles to wine bottles; boots to Boots and Domino’s to dominoes!

We have a keen understanding of target audiences and how to please them. We always have suggestions, tips and feedback from technical experts to give you the complete, all-encompassing service.

WK360’s experienced Photographers are experts in shadows and lighting, and will make your product flourish with a new-found glow.


We can capture all kinds of shots — from cut-out photography and packshot photography for e-commerce, to lifestyle and room-set photography. These all have hugely different purposes and audiences, and are all beneficial to the right clients in their own way.

Our cut-out and packshot photography is generally taken on a white background, with any shadows or other imperfections removed in post-production. Conversely, lifestyle photography and room-set photography rely entirely on props and surroundings. Our Luton Photography Studio is spacious enough to build physical room-sets (unless you’d prefer our CGI department to create 3D models instead) and lifestyle photography can work both in-studio and on-location - our Design Team will make sure you have the best props, backgrounds and placements to capture the most dynamic imagery.


If you’ve got a product you want to shine in the spotlight, then get in touch today to see what our Photography team can do for you.




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