Web Audit - SEO Tool


There are many ways of measuring the performance of your website, but at WK360 we have developed a way that also shows the impact of the content we create for you.

We do this by providing you with a range of tools that shed insight into how your competitors’ customers are finding them, and suggest ways in which you can improve your performance - making sure that customers find you ahead of your competition.

From the information we gather for you, we can create a strategic content plan that gives you the best ROI possible.


This is so powerful that we can only offer it to one company in each market sector, and we also guarantee the results! If our recommendations do not improve your performance, then we will give you the audit cost back.

Also, if you use our content creation facilities to an agreed figure, we will refund you the audit costs.

This really is as good as it sounds, and, providing you follow our recommendations, you cannot lose. So, please get in touch to discuss this with our experts.

We have the perfect tool for informing your website and content marketing strategies.

Do you know…


• Where your keywords rank in search engines?

• If you are using the best and most-searched keywords in your content?

• What your competitors are doing with SEO/PPC?

• Who is linking to your site and your competitors?

• If there are errors in your site decreasing your search engine visibility?

• Where to market next?


If the answer is no, we have a service that can give you all the above information and more, in an easy to view, web-based application. Reports can be generated as PDFs should you need to present to your key stakeholders. We can benchmark your website’s performance against your competitors’, provide a development path to your team, and even assist you to improve your site’s visibility and ranking.

The information you will glean from this service is invaluable, and with our expert analysis and guidance we can guarantee to improve your website’s content, position in search engines, and traffic.

If this sounds of interest and you would like any more information about this service, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Here’s a bit more detail...

100% Accurate Keyword Position Tracking

Check Google,Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube rankings for all locations and devices.

With our service you can discover and evaluate the search terms that lead to your website, the volume at which they are used, and identify your competition. We will help you organise them into useful groups and track their rankings in all major search engines at a country, city, even local level, through both desktop and mobile searches, allowing you to pinpoint where to improve your content.

Backlinks monitoring

Reveal, monitor and control all your backlinks.

Commercial websites simply cannot get to the top positions in search engines without external links. Knowing who is linking to your site and understanding if they are good or bad for you is essential. Our tool generates an easy to view list of links to analyse, filter, and even generate a ready to go disavow file if you want Google to disregard them.


Competitor Analysis

Discover your competitors’ websites keywords and ads for paid and organic search.

We will monitor your competitors’ websites on your behalf, and uncover what keywords they use, where they feature in searches, the ad campaigns they are running and who is linking to them, then use this information to make informed adjustments to your content and marketing campaigns to give yourself the edge.

Marketing Plan

A comprehensive strategy and marketing checklist for you to use.

Whether new or experienced to website marketing and SEO, this step-by-step plan guides you through the work required to get any site up to scratch and performing in search engines. Items can be checked off as tasks are completed and you can even add your own actions, which truly makes this tool the hub of all your website marketing needs.


Website Audit

Prevent your site’s errors from decreasing your search engine visibility.

A comprehensive analysis of your website will identify technical deficiencies, errors related to the content, meta-tags, and site usability on computers and mobile devices. The report we produce will provide actionable recommendations that will allow any deficiencies to be corrected, in turn significantly improving your website’s position.

Linking Social Channels

Increase effectiveness of your social media efforts.

We’ll connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can easily plan, schedule and share content with your followers across multiple social platforms in just a couple of clicks.

Find the best time to engage with your target audience as well as the type of content that yields the best results, all in one place.