Xeikon Digital Print


Our Xeikon press is just about the most flexible printing press there is. It enables us to do some pretty remarkable things with print.



Xeikon for interior designers


The Xeikon is great at producing wall coverings and other pieces of wall art to help you create that unique interior that will wow your customers.

Wall Coverings

Our Xeikon print offering enables us to produce bespoke designer wall coverings to standard and custom sizes. Because the Xeikon is a digital printing press and the paper is fed in on a reel, we are able to produce rolls to any size, which means you can have a design or an image to fit whatever wall it is you are decorating.

Wall Art

We can produce your designs as A2 posters or as frame-able images, so that you can add your own artistic touch to a room, or even complement your wall coverings.




Xeikon for Business

xeikon print for business.jpg

The Xeikon has many features that deliver great benefits for our customers.

  • It can print at a resolution of 1200 DPI, which means we deliver incredible detail, even printing 1pt text.  This is great when you need to embed some form of security in to the printed piece that signifies the document’s authenticity.

  • The Xeikon is reel fed which means we can print products in a range of sizes, from simple business cards to A2 posters, or even more complex publications such as landscape brochures, look books, and more.

  • The Xeikon is digital, which means we can vary every sheet that comes off the press to create that extra personal touch.

  • We can print both sides of the sheet at the same time, which means that we can produce work in half the time of most sheet fed machines. This means we can deliver fast.

  • The Xeikon can print up to 420mm wide and as long as you like, which means we are one of the few companies that print eight and six page A4 documents in small quantities, cost effectively.



Xeikon for Retailers

xeikon print for retailers.jpg

We produce a range of interesting point of sale products that are unique to the Xeikon press. For instance, we are able to create zig zag POS that is very effective for communicating a story on shelf. This is particularly beneficial to the fashion and high-end product market, where a story can add value to your brand and products. Because the Xeikon prints to various lengths, it is also ideal for printing shelf strips, and because we can print variable data we can also change the pricing from shelf strip to shelf strip.