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Still & Moving Image Overview…

Great imagery tells a story without saying a word.


Our photographic studio produces creative, e-commerce and 360° imagery.

With specialities in product and application photography from high-end handbags to top-of-the-range bathroom sets, WK360 has the flexibility in-house to deliver on pretty much any brief.

Our 360° photography extends from shoes to beds, sofas and furniture – and you should see the results when we add animation to the mix!


Our video team can produce product demonstration videos and how-to videos, as well as more complex and artistic output to suit your brand and brief. With in-house editing to boot, we can deliver at every level.

Computer Generated Imagery

CGI is the latest superstar when it comes to creative content, and our CGI studio team specialise in creating product and room-set CGI using the latest computer graphics software. They are a team of dedicated artists who strive for perfection, providing photo-realism like you’ve never seen before. We challenge you to tell the difference!