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Xeikon Digital Print

The invention of the printing press was one of the most important events in human history.
— Ha-Joon Chang

The history of print is a long and complex story, and one we won’t elaborate on here. Techniques and motives aside, the basic need for printed words that can be reproduced and disseminated to educate and entertain the masses has existed for thousands of years. From the Gutenberg Bible, to the latest mail order catalogue to drop through your letterbox, print fulfils a need, and remains relevant even in today's screen-centric world.

Rather than losing momentum, the popularity of digital print is actually growing, thanks to its flexibility, quality and cost efficiency. For producing short run booklets, posters, brochures, catalogues, newsletters, direct mail and other marketing collateral, digital printing is the obvious choice and can’t be beaten on quality and price. 

WK360 was one of the first companies to invest in digital printing nearly 20 years ago and throughout that time we have always stayed loyal to Xeikon. Why? Well, the Xeikon press gives us flexibility and provides a myriad of possibilities to produce bespoke products as well as the usual short run print. We think the Xeikon really is the most flexible printing device that exists on the planet. What other printing press can produce a business card one minute and personalised wallpaper the next?

Our talented Xeikon 6000 press is web-fed, giving it an impressive 500mm imaging width for applications such as: A2 personalised posters, A4 landscape brochures, A4 6-8pp brochures, large in-store graphics, direct mailers and A4 presentation folders, as well as an array of standard and non-standard formats with virtually unlimited image lengths. 

Our core market is retail, arguably the most demanding sector not only in terms of deadlines but in the constant drive for innovation in marketing. Our Xeikon allows us to provide this for our customers, giving them the edge they need in this fiercely competitive marketplace. Our experienced print team have just about seen it all, and love a challenge, putting all their skill and passion into printing and finished each job to the highest standards to produce show-stopping work every time.

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