giving brands the edge!
- giving brands the edge!
— since 1979

A creative studio and production hub with a difference...

We’re a team of 37 creative thinkers who believe in unlocking the hidden potential in both ourselves and the brands we work with.

At WK360 we are driven by the search for the ‘edge’, that particular element, quality or innovation that makes each and every brand and product unique. We search for the story behind them and the narrative that informs what they do. Sometimes it’s hidden, sometimes it’s plain to see, but we work hard to find it, to define it and to showcase it for maximum impact and effect.

Why are we different? Because of our differences. As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We’re a bunch of creative thinkers, designers, dreamers and doers. Our differences in skill and background give us scope, and our desire to succeed and unlock the potential in everything we do unites us into a formidable team. Every one of our designers, artworkers, software and app developers, web designers, illustrators, retouchers, swatch matchers, proofreaders, copywriters, photographers, videographers, CGI/3D artists, and print production specialists are striving to give our clients an edge to succeed. 

Our way of working makes us different too. With such a diverse skill set, our team can cover the work of two or three specialist agencies by providing all your service requirements under one roof. We can provide all the ability and talent of a trendy design agency or contemporary photo studio without the difficulty of intercommunication or the towering costs associated with outsourcing to multiple organisations. Our collection of production hubs are tailored for marketeers, studio managers, content managers, and print production managers and are guaranteed to provide an advantage in terms of the cost of production and the quality of the final product. We do this for a number of nationally and internationally renowned brands – take a look at our Results to read some of our case studies.

So what can we do for you? That’s the big question. We think a lot; why not get in touch and see for yourself?

The kettle is always on... come and meet the team.