Purveyors of fine foods to The Queen, Dukeshill are synonymous with luxury and decadence, and their rich imagery is key to their brand image. 

Dukeshill asked us to take a look at this imagery for their Christmas mail order catalogue. Traditionally they have favoured dark and atmospheric shots that imply evenings round the fire and cosy Christmas tableaux. We decided to present a more contemporary feel that would still appeal to their loyal customer base, but would breathe some new life into their product range. We gave the images more space and shot with a lighter, fresher feel, focusing on the detail and invoking Christmas with little touches throughout the design. 


The flow of the catalogue was carefully considered, leading with their signature Boxing Day ham, through traditional meats such as turkey, pork pies and fish, and finishing with decadent chocolate desserts and fine wines. By introducing a ‘finishing touch’ panel, we could cross-sell accompaniments such as chutneys and mustards that were relevant to the lead products. 

As well as refreshing Dukeshill’s imagery and design, we presented new processes and administrative tools too. Thanks to our creative workflows, we could automate many of the manual processes so we had more time to be creative. Through our digital asset management system (360 DAM), we could store and organise all the assets Dukeshill supplied, and through 360Approve, our online approval system, we could upload pages for remote approval or annotation, keeping them in the loop at every stage of the process. 

download (1).jpg

Our illustrations and creative concepts helped the client to visualise the final piece before production started, and our art direction throughout the shoot saved hours of wasted studio time.

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Images were given more space on the page and shot with lighter, fresher feel, invoking Christmas with little touches in the design.

...a great success!
...delivering better than ever results with amazing customer feedback.

In fact the campaign has been so successful, it increased sales by over 10%! We were thrilled with the opportunity to give Dukeshill the edge they needed, and we're excited to start work on their next publication. 

John Davis