Dunelm is one of the fastest growing homewares retailers in the country and came to WK360 when they wanted to produce their first ever catalogue. 

Dunelm has an in-house studio facility that they wanted to use to produce the publication, the first of which was to be 220 pages. The only problem was that no-one in their studio had ever produced a catalogue before! Anyone who works in catalogue production knows how complex and time-consuming it can be, and how daunting the task was for them. 

WK360 were tasked with helping them to design the first catalogue, but also to implement a complete catalogue production process into their studio with the express aim of producing a publication that matched the very best of their competitors. 

We still work closely with Dunelm now, colour matching their images to product swatches so they are reproduced in the catalogue accurately. This ensures barriers to purchase through colour choice are eliminated and returns reduced. We even go to the lengths of attending the press pass to ensure the colour quality of the catalogue. 

WK360 gives Dunelm the edge by providing a cost-neutral solution that provides enhanced quality, paid for by reduced production costs.  

That first catalogue was a huge success, responsible for putting millions of pounds on the bottom line of the company, and the catalogue productions have been getting bigger every year. 

Being introduced to WK360 was one of the best things that ever happened to the Dunelm marketing team.
— Carol Brown, Marketing Director
John Davis