Feather & Black

Feather & Black is a progressive luxury bed retailer who have been a client of ours for many years. Originally coming to us for our retouching and post production skills, and more recently our image studios, we have a great working relationship with them and work well with their in-house team.

In line with current trends, and in response to the rise in customers’ online shopping habits, Feather & Black wanted to launch a "design your own bed" range, allowing customers to design their own dream bed from scratch, choosing the base, frame, mattress and building an image on screen to their exact specifications. At the click of a button customers could scroll through fabric choices and see a clear representation of their choices to aid their purchasing journey. A great idea, but it soon became clear to Feather & Black that creating content for this could be a budget-busting exercise. With over 300 combinations to choose from, traditional fabrication was out of the question, as it would mean producing and photographing a huge number of beds, and then colour correcting each one to produce the spectrum of fabrics available. Luckily, WK360 had a solution – Computer Generated Imagery.

1 8 CGI_BEDS_Henrietta Bedstead_Taupe1.png

Computer Generated Imagery, or CGI, is the skill of producing photorealistic images digitally, removing the need to fabricate samples or products and have them photographed in a traditional studio. For Feather & Black, creating their range as CGI images was the perfect solution; we created over 300 photorealistic beds in just under three weeks, using our photographic experience to nail realistic shape and perspective, and our exceptional retouching skills to ensure all the fabric choices were colour correct and accurate for texture and shade.

We have been investing in CGI technology over the last few years, and it was really exciting to use these skills to produce some stunning content for Feather & Black’s new project and give them the edge in their new venture. CGI image production has really come of age, and retailers are definitely tuning in to the possibilities that the medium offers and how it could alter the entire marketing content landscape in the near future. Get in touch with us today to discuss how CGI imagery could revolutionise your marketing content creation.

Thanks for this! So basically, every time you send an image over, everyone here LOVES them! Don’t think they can believe, as much as myself, how real these actually look! We are very impressed!
John Davis