Jacques Vert


Jacques Vert is the go-to shopping destination for the modern woman who wants to look stylish whilst feeling sophisticated and elegant... 

WK360 provides print services to Jacques Vert delivering in high quality point of sale materials to their many concessions. With six brands in total, and differing amounts of point of sale material delivered into 450 stores, the fulfilment process is complex to say the least. 

WK360 was chosen by Jacques Vert because of our reputation for delivering the highest quality, with special care and attention paid to colour and delivery of the final product out to stores. We react extremely fast to any and all of their requests and work all the hours needed to get the job done, without compromising on quality. 

WK360 gives Jacques Vert the edge through delivering high end, complex, colour-managed point of sale material under extremely tight production deadlines. We have become an extension to their marketing department, helping their internal teams with innovative new ways to present their clothing brands to the consumer.    

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John Davis