Bathstore is the leading high street bathroom retailer in the UK, selling quality bathroom products through high-end marketing and lifestyle photography. 

Bathstore liked WK360’s end-to-end approach to brochure design and production, and worked with us to shoot, artwork and repro brochure updates for them. We also photographed and colour matched their entire new range of product for the web and brochure. 

With the opening of our new room set photographic studio, bathstore jumped at the chance to work with us on some of their high end productions. We delivered over 200 shots, including some stunning full room images, from three main sets all built in our studios in Luton. 

Working with us gave bathstore all the benefits of our end-to-end approach; we could be working on design, artwork, photography and colour management all at the same time, cutting waiting times and allowing us to be super-responsive to their input and amendments. By liaising with our dedicated project management team, bathstore were able to leave us to do the detailed work required, letting them focus on the creative elements. 

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WK360 gives bathstore the edge because we deliver high quality results at high speed with an incredible eye for detail. 

John Davis