Poetry & Wrap


Creating the perfect image for premium fashion houses, Poetry & Wrap.

For such a high-end brands that sell the majority of their quality clothing through web and mail order, it's important to make sure that the images their customers see is what they get through the post. 

To achieve this, each photo is colour matched to the garment, reproducing every subtlety of the fabric, every detail of the design and colour, presenting it to the consumer in exactly the right way to achieve a feeling of desire. 

Whether reproduced on the page or on screen, our strict and exacting standards with colour management and technical print knowledge ensures that Poetry and Wrap receive images that are perfect every time. We go to great lengths to ensure the colour is reproduced perfectly wherever it is printed throughout the world, whether in Germany, the UK or in the U.S., even attending the press pass near Chicago when a new paper was to be used for the first time. 

download (1).jpg

Poetry and Wrap work with us because we understand the incredible subtlety and detail involved in the reproduction of garments for each media. Without a retail outlet, the quality of their clothing can only be communicated with amazing fashion photography supported by incredible production values. We give them the edge by consistently delivering this quality in every job we do. 

John Davis