The revolution is here...


When looking to revitalise their Tuf Revolution brand, Bunzl Greenham knew just where to turn...

Bunzl Greenham are well known in the construction industry for providing personal protection equipment, site safety and cleaning supplies. When they were looking to reinvigorate one of their own brands, Tuf Revolution clothing, they turned to us for help. Tuf Revolution is a range of clothing and footwear that is designed to be tough enough for working environments, yet comfortable and stylish for socialising and leisurewear.

WK360 was commissioned to create the look and feel of the brand, design the brand guidelines and generate video and print-based content to promote the range. We developed a rugged, rough-urban look for the range, and carried this through to all the photography and video imagery. The whole campaign was story-boarded around a “Work/Play” message, showing the same clothing being worn in different environments. 

The result was a great success, increasing sales into distributers and providing a solid brand base to build up from in the future. 

We developed a rugged look to all the photography...

This was used to promote their products in the main Bunzl Greenham catalogue and within specific Tuf Revolution marketing collateral.


A promotional video was story boarded around the Work/Play message showing the same clothing being used in different environments. 

To complete the marketing set we also created a brand website.

John Davis