The science of colour

We’ve been in the repro and colour management business since we were founded in 1979 and our passion for colour is as strong today as it has always been.

Never has colour accuracy been more important in distinguishing brands and in the reproduction of imagery - especially as we move further and further towards multi-channel retail methods.

Ensuring that your products look the same colour no matter what the media will reduce product returns, remove barriers to purchase and provide effective ROI with increased sales and reduced returns.



Reducing Product Returns

By achieving maximum colour accuracy your customers should never return a product due to the way the colour looked in your catalogue or marketing material.


Our colour retouching team work with the actual fabrics and materials to ensure that the colour is faithfully reproduced no matter what the channel.

This is particularly important to fashion, home furnishing, kitchen and bathroom companies, to whom this kind of colour accuracy is crucial and for online and mail order sales where the actual product is not available to see.




Increasing Sales

Colour matching products shown in different shots will remove barriers to purchase and increase sales.


If customers see two images of your products that look different in terms of the colour, texture and finish, it will put an element of doubt in their mind as to the true colour they will receive if they order. If colour is the critical factor in the purchase decision this will even stop someone ordering in the first place.


Our team will ensure that the colour of your products match in every image so that there is no doubt of the colour placed in the mind of your customers. This builds trust in your brand and removes the colour barrier to purchase and therefore pays for itself with increased sales.


Save money on reshoots and sell more product by reusing model shots.


A product always sells better when shown in an environment or, for fashion, on a model. At WK360 we have perfected ways that allow you to take poorer selling stock and show it on the original model shot - even if it has a completely different pattern or fabric texture. This allows you to sell far more stock than by showing the product as a cut-out. 



Print Perfect

When delivering files, our Colour Management and Repro team will ensure that the files that we deliver to the printer or to your web team have the largest possible colour gamut. Files for print are delivered in the right profile for the printing method, with the technicalities taken care of for Gravure or Web printing.


Colour management will ensure you achieve the best results on press.



WK360’s Colour Retouching & Swatch Matching Services: