Our Image Content Studios help to tell the stories of our customers’ products and services.

Using the latest medium format 100 megapixel cameras we produce striking imagery, alongside other services like in-house video production and video editing, photo-realistic CGI and post-production.

With a dedicated specialist team and our 4,000 sq ft studio, we provide the edge for our client through...



Still LIFE

Great imagery tells a story without saying a word…

Our Image Studio can provide all kinds of creative photography, including: Lifestyle Photography, Room-Set Photography, Product Photography and Cut-Out Photography.


From high-end handbags and top-of-the-range bathroom sets to shoes, clothing and food, WK360 has the flexibility in-house to deliver on almost any brief.

With an open and spacious studio layout, we have the space to store your product, keep it organised, tracked, packed and ready to be returned.  

We provide comfortable client facilities, enabling you to work remotely between shots. With a built-in kitchen and model changing facilities, as well as retouching and post-production on site…


…we can shoot and prepare your imagery with incredible speed and ease.




Moving Imagery

Moving imagery is more important now than ever before…

In an increasingly competitive on-line and social marketplace, compelling content is critical. Moving Stills (Cinemagraphs) can mesmerise, 360° photography can engage, both can improve dwell time and increase sales.


Almost any image could be replaced by a beautiful and interactive cinemagraph, which have been proven to increase engagement on your website and social media.

Speaking of engagement, we also create 360° photography - we do this by placing your product on a specialised 360° turntable, which slowly rotates, allowing us to capture your product from absolutely any angle.

Our 4,000 sq ft Image Studio consists of three large rooms, one for offices and prop storage, the other two for our creative teams to shoot, whether that is still photography, moving photography or video.


Through a keen understanding of your industry, WK360 can offer the best moving imagery content for your business - on time and on budget.




Creative filming for large and small screens.

From dynamic and engaging advertisements showcasing your brand, to simple-but-effective how-to videos illustrating how your products work - our Video Production team have both the resources and expertise to bring your vision to life on-screen.


Our Image Studio has the capacity and facilities to provide you with everything you need.

Our team are able to create all kinds of content, including adverts for leisure destinations and professional trade brands, 360° photography for fashion & accessories brands, and tutorial videos for beauty products.




Post-production is a necessary part of the process of filmmaking, video production, and photography. All the stages of the post-production process right down to the tiniest detail are managed by our dedicated team, ensuring the final product is always of the highest quality.


Photography Post-production

After producing your content we put it through our post-production studio, where it will be cleaned up and presented back to you, perfect and ready for publishing.

Our team of Retouchers have the latest software and expert knowledge on how to do this - whether it’s just a quick Photoshop fix or a creative retouching/CGI job, our Post-Production team have the capacity for any size project.

We have added new textures onto existing kitchen units, replaced floors, updated wall coverings, removed and added products into existing shots, and turned winter into summer and back again. There’s almost nothing we can’t do, so get in touch and see if WK360’s post-production studio can solve your problem.

Video Post-production

With an in-house Video Editing team, we have the advantage of being able to work with the Photography and Creative teams to ensure that your final video is exactly what you envisaged.

We also offer video editing as a service, so you can provide us with old footage and we can help you edit it into a fresh new-looking video.  



WK360’s Photography & Video Services: